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In the pivotal domain of electrical safeguarding, our Metal Oxide Varistors and Metal oxide resistors emerge as the pinnacle of innovative technology, solidifying their position as the quintessential core components in lightning arresters . Championing the adoption of the most recent raw material formulas and avant-garde production processes, we ensure our metal oxide resistors not only meet but exceed standards, achieving unparalleled levels both on international and domestic stages . Dive into a world where supreme current capacity , exceptional aging resistance , stellar protection characteristics , impeccable uniformity , and the triumphant development and production of high gradient resistor sheets , converge to deliver a product that stands unchallenged in both domestic and international markets . Welcome to a realm where quality and innovation collide! 


Explore Advanced Metal Oxide Varistors: Leading Lightning Protection with Metal Oxide Resistors 


In the realm of electrical protection, Metal Oxide Varistors, and Metal oxide resistors stand at the forefront of technology, becoming the core components of lightning arresters . Our company not only adopts the latest raw material formulas and production processes but also ensures that the metal oxide resistors produced reach both international and domestic leading levels in various aspects .

  1. Large Current Capacity 

    Our Metal oxide resistors showcase a remarkably large current capacity. The 4/10μs large current impulse withstand capability, 2ms square wave current capacity, and line discharge level have reached an internationally advanced level .

  2. Excellent Aging Resistance 

    After undergoing an aging test at 115℃ and 1000h at the corresponding charge rate, the aging coefficient of resistor sheets of various specifications is less than 0.9, and the aging characteristics have reached an international leading level .

  3. Superior Protection Characteristics 

    The residual voltage ratio of resistor sheets of various specifications under corresponding standard current impact showcases the superior protection characteristics of Metal Oxide Varistors, reaching a domestic leading level .

  4. Good Uniformity 

    The uniformity indicators of the DC 1mA reference voltage, residual voltage ratio, and other parameters of resistor sheets of various specifications have reached a domestic leading level .

  5. Successful Development of High Gradient Resistor Sheets 

    The high gradient resistor sheet, successfully developed by our company, has been put into mass production. The potential gradient of the high-gradient resistor sheet can reach 300-400V/mm .



By adopting the latest raw material formulas and production processes, our company’s Metal Oxide Varistor series products excel across multiple series, including AC resistors, DC resistors, and high gradient resistors . Compared with other domestic products, it has five major characteristics, holding a place not only in the domestic market but also demonstrating strong competitiveness in the international market .

Technical parameters of AC metal oxide resistors

TypeDimension(mm)DC 1mA reference voltage(kV)(µA) Leakage current under 0.75U1mA 8/20μs nominal lightning impulse current(kA)The ratio of residual voltage at a lightning impulseDischarge current capacity
Outside diameterInside diameterHeight4/10μs high current impulse withstand(kA)2ms rectangular impulse current withstand(A)
Φ32×2532±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤1051.7940150
Φ32×3032±0.5 30±0.56.0-6.9≤1051.7940150
Φ35×2535±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤1051.765250
Φ35×3035±0.5 30±0.56.3-6.9≤1051.765250
Φ42×2542±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤1551.7100400
Φ42×3042±0.5 30±0.56.3-6.9≤1551.7100400
Φ45×2545±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤2051.68100500
Φ45×3045±0.5 30±0.56.3-6.9≤2051.68100500
Φ52×2552±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤20101.73100600
Φ52×3052±0.5 30±0.56.3-6.9≤20101.73100600
Φ60×2260±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20101.71100800
Φ60×3060±0.5 30±0.56.3-6.9≤20101.71100800
Φ71×2271±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20101.671001200
Φ75×2275±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20101.651001400
Φ85×2285±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20101.631001800


The miniaturized can-type arrester designed and produced by our company uses our company’s high-gradient zinc oxide varistors with independent intellectual property rights:
1. Gradient range: 300-400V/mm
2. Simultaneous reduction of operating wave and steep wave residual pressure is particularly beneficial to the protection of GIS equipment.
3. The resistor has good aging performance and the aging coefficient kct<0.9 (artificial accelerated aging test at 115℃, 1000h, charge rate 90%)

High gradient metal oxide resistor technical parameters

TypeDimension(mm)DC 1mA reference voltage(kV)Leakage current under 0.75U1mA8/20μs nominal lightning impulse currentThe ratio of residual voltage at a lightning impulseDischarge current capacity
Outside diameterInside diameterHeight4/10μs high current impulse withstand 2ms rectangular impulse current withstand
Φ60×2260±0.5 22±0.56.6-8.8≤20101.69100600
Φ71×2271±0.5 22±0.56.6-8.8≤20101.65100800
Φ75×2275±0.5 22±0.56.6-8.8≤20101.671001000
Φ128×22128±0.5 22±0.56.6-8.8≤30201.641002200

DC metal oxide resistor technical parameters

TypeDimension(mm)DC 1mA reference voltage(kV)(µA)
Leakage current under 0.75U1mA
8/20μs nominal lightning impulse current

Ratio of residual voltage at a lightning impulse
Discharge current capacity
Outside diameterInside diameterHeight(kA)
4/10μs high current impulse withstand
2ms rectangular impulse current withstand
Φ52×2552±0.5 25±0.55.0-5.7≤20101.73100600
Φ60×2260±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20101.71100800
Φ71×2271±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20201.781001200
Φ75×2275±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20201.761001400
Φ85×2285±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤20201.751001800
Φ105×22105±0.5 22±0.54.4-5.1≤30201.681002200

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